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Global Water Solutions Ltd. (GWS)

Global Water Solutions, a member of the Swan Group, offers a full line of pre-pressurized diaphragm tanks for water well, pressure booster, pressure management, reverse osmosis, hydronic heating and thermal applications. GWS is positioned to serve global markets with strategically located production in Randolph, Massachusetts, USA and Taichung, Taiwan with additional distribution warehouses in Guatemala, Puerto Rico, UAE, Turkey, China, India, France, Italy, UK and Spain. GWS’ offices are located in Luxembourg, Italy, Turkey, UK, Spain, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Brasil, Puerto Rico, India, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, China and the UAE. GWS’ registered office is located in Jersey, Channel Islands and its administrative offices in Randolph, MA, USA and Taichung, Taiwan.

GWS : The Most Comprehensive Supplier of Pressure Vessels

GWS’ premier lines- PressureWave™, HydroGuard™, Max™, UltraMax™, M-Inox™, ThermoWave™, HeatWave™, SolarWave™, RoWave™, Challenger™, C2 Lite™, Flow-Thru™  SuperFlow™ Series- as well as GWS’ accessories are sold and serviced by some of the most reputable large pump specialty wholesalers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in more than 100 countries throughout the world and expanding! GWS' patented Flow-Thru™ tanks are available in both steel and composite models and ensure freshest water when used with VFD controlled systems. GWS now has added the SpringTech™ series, a premier line of patented revolutionary design composite residential and light commercial water treatment tanks that use the same technology of its C2Lite™ composite diaphragm pressure tanks.

GWS continues to be in the forefront of innovation and new technologies for pressure tanks and is the most comprehensive supplier of Pressure Tanks globally. GWS’ expansion continues both on product and territorial fronts in addition to greater market share in existing markets.

GWS' Production Facilities 

GWS’ unique product offering includes both its patent protected CAD2 diaphragm tanks as well as its line of single diaphragm tanks with a patented water connection and now also a series with replaceable tiered membrane design. This combination provides GWS’ customers with flexibility in selecting products for specific applications. The Randolph, Massachusetts manufacturing facility produces all CAD2 diaphragm series (Challenger™, Flow-Thru and C2Lite™.) The Taichung, Taiwan facility manufactures all single diaphragm series (PressureWave™, HydroGuard™, Max™, UltraMax™, M-Inox™, ThermoWave™, HeatWave™, SolarWave™ and RoWave™,) and an outside contract manufacturing facility produces the replaceable membrane and high pressure series (SuperFlow™).  Global customer service is provided from the Luxembourg, Italy, Costa Rica, India, Turkey, China and Taiwan offices, supporting its highly experienced international sales organization. GWS is also on the forefront of international regulatory issues with approvals from WRAS, NSF, PED, ACS, GOST, Evrazes and other country specific approvals.

GWS’ Unique Philosophy

GWS’ distinctive approach places a premium on customer service and focuses particular attention on after-sales service and field support for its customers. The company’s broad product offering, the innovative product development and the highly experienced technical sales and engineering staff all continue to distinguish the company from its key competitors and enable the company to provide its customers with the best products and services available.  Together with its sister companies, Flexcon Industries (North America sales and manufacturing) & TankPac Industries (Taiwan sales and manufacturing), GWS is a company on the move with the most quality-focused products and a truly global focus on water systems.

For more information, please visit the GWS website.