Dealer/Contractor Locator Internet Sales Policy

Flexcon's Internet Sales Policy

Flexcon Industries, Inc. (“Flexcon”) is proud of its ability to manufacture the highest quality pressure tanks designed for professional installation. Our network of distributors sells directly to qualified installation professionals and does not sell products on the internet. A pressure tank is one component of a system that requires trained expertise to install and calibrate properly. Improper system design, installation and/or calibration may be dangerous and we caution homeowners not to undertake the installation of our pressure tanks. Flexcon does not authorize the sale of its products on the internet. In order to protect the consumer along with the faith put in our products by the professional installer, Flexcon will only honor warrantees for its products when such products have been professionally installed, and Flexcon reserves its right to require evidence of professional installation prior to honoring any warranty claim.

Flexcon encourages the use of the internet to promote its products and to educate the installer and consumer on the benefits of the design and workmanship of all of Flexcon’s products. Flexcon believes, however, that direct selling on the internet increases the potential for its products to be installed without the recommended expertise.