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Plumbing & Heating Tanks


 Flexcon Hydronic Expansion tanks (HTX & SXHT)

Flexcon Hydronic Expansion tanks are perfect for closed loop heating applications. The Inline models (HTX) are offered in sizes from 2.1 gallons to 14 gallons and the vertical models (SXHT) in sizes from 14 gallons to 85 gallons. These tanks are offered with a butyl diaphragm and an appliance grade polyurethane paint finish.



Flexcon Thermal Expansion tanks (PH & WHV)

Flexcon Thermal Expansion tanks are designed for open-loop and potable hot water expansion systems. The Inline models (PH) come in sizes from 2.1 gallons to 9 gallons and the vertical (WHV) come in sizes from 14 gallons to 85 gallons. Flexcom Thermal Expansion tanks are rugged and feature a stainless steel water connection, a butyl diaphragm, and a tough, appliance polyurethane paint finish.