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Thermal Expansion Tanks

  • ASME Thermal Expansion Tanks

    Heated water expands, and more and more systems are now "closed systems" where the expanded water has no place to go. Hot water pressure can get dangerously high which sets off the pressure relief valve. Thermal expansion tanks allow the expanded water to be safely stored in a tank keeping the pressure of the system at a safe level. Flexcon has two lines of ASME thermal expansion tanks-the PH-C and the WHV-C to suit your needs.

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  • FLEX2PRO PH and WHV Thermal Expansion Tanks

    If you're looking for the ultimate in hot water pressure protection, look no further. Flexcon's FLEX2PRO Thermal Expansion Tanks are the premier line of potable hot water expansion tanks in the market. Both the PH and WHV tanks are designed to maintain safe pressure in domestic water systems that utilize a back flow preventer or check valve. These tanks are guaranteed to keep you out of hot water with your customers.

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