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  • FLU Contact Tank

    Non-Diaphragm Storage/Utility Tank

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  • FWDP Contact Tank

    Non-Diaphragm storage tank with side ports.

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  • FWRO Composite RO Accumulator

    RO Accumulators for reverse osmosis systems, starting with a 15 gallon up to a 120 gallon accumulator

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  • Mix Master

    The Board of Health mandates water disinfection systems for businesses supplying potable well water to public systems greater than 25 people per day. Chemical disinfection using chlorine is generally considered the method of choice because it is reliable and practical. Flexcon's new Mixmaster baffle tank is one of the most effective High Mixing Disinfection Systems currently available. Like the water that comes out of it, the choice is clear when it comes to the Mix Master.

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  • SSRO Steel RO Accumulator

    A light commercial and residential RO storage steel pressure vessel.

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