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FLEX2PRO HTX & SXHT Hydronic Expansion Tanks

Constructed of the highest quality steel, the HTX and SXHT are true work horses. HTX comes standard with a 100% butyl diaphragm. SXHT goes even one step further with our patented CAD2 diaphragm, offering even lower permeability rates at higher temperatures. Additionally, both tank lines' diaphragms are oversized, which maximizes drawdown and minimizes wear. This design feature virtually eliminates diaphragm stretch, further promoting longevity.

Materials of Construction

  • Tank: 16- gauge cold rolled steel
  • Finish: Appliance-quality paint for corrosion resistance
  • Diaphragm Material: 100% butyl rubber
  • Connection: Welded steel
  • Testing: High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check
  • Air valve: Brass valve with O-ring seal
  • Warranty: Five year


Product Literature

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FLEX2PRO HTX & SXHT Hydronic Expansion Tanks

Dimension Table

Model Volume (Gal.)Volume (Liter)Acceptance (Gal.)Acceptance (Liter)A (in.)A (cm.)B (in.)B (cm.)C (in.)C (cm.)D (in.)D (cm.)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)
HTX152.1-1.0-12.5-8.0-0.5 MNPT---5.5-
HTX304.5-2.5-14.0-11.0-0.5 MNPT---10.0-
HTX606.0-3.0-17.2-11.4-0.5 MNPT---11.5-
HTX9015.0-6.0-20.8-16.0-0.75 MNPT---28.0-
SXHT3015.0-6.0-21.7-16.0-1 FNPT---32.0-
SXHT4020.0-8.0-28.8-16.0-1 FNPT---39.0-
SXHT6033.0-13.3-42.8-16.0-1 FNPT---57.0-
SXHT9044.0-17.7-36.2-21.0-1.25 FNPT---72.0-
SXHT11062.0-24.9-47.9-21.0-1.25 FNPT---112.0-
SXHT16081.0-32.6-62.0-21,0-1.25 FNPT---123.0-