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The Flow-Thru connection diverts system water into and, more importantly, out of the tank while the pump is running. This constant flushing action assures that the water in the tank remains as fresh as possible and eliminates the possiblity of stagnant water during normal system operations. The Flow-Thru features a 16-gauge solid steel tank finished with the highest quality urethane paint. Assuredly tested with a 100% pressure helium test and backed by a five year warranty.

Like the rest of Flexcon's steel and new line of composite tanks, the Flow-Thru incorporates our patented controlled action diaphragm-CAD2. A steel- clench ring regulates movement and prevents the diaphragm from rubbing against the tank wall.


Dimension Table

Model Volume (Gal.)Volume (Liter)Acceptance (Gal.)Acceptance (Liter)A (in.)A (cm.)B (in.)B (cm.)C (in.)D (in.)D (cm.)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)
FT82.181.475.512308201" NPT--52.3
FT184.5183.151214.53711281" NPT-104.6
FT18S4.5183.151214.53711281" NPT12 6.9
FT359 326.323.818.948.112.531.81" NPT15.47
FT35S9326.323.818.948.112.531.81" NPT15.47
FT6620801452.92973.661640.61 1/4" NPT3616.4
FT1444417030.8116.436.2592.072153.342" NPT6830.9
FT2668532559.522544.51132666.042" NPT12255.5
FTC151556.810.539.625.66416.541.91 1/4" sch 80198.6
FTC22228315.458. 1/4" sch 802410.9
FTC38SQ38143.826.6100.529.7574.724.261.51 1/4" sch 803515.9
FTC5050189.335132.342.910921.454.41 1/4" sch 804118.6

Sizing Chart Table

Model Volume
FT 184.518.
FT 18S4.518.
FTC 1515.056.83.4513.103.6013.63
FT 6620.080.04.6018.404.8019.20
FTC 2222.083.05.0619.095.2819.92
FTC 38SQ38.0142.88.7433.079.1234.51
FT 14444.0170.010.1239.1010.5640.80
FTC 5050.0189.311.543.5412.0045.43
FT 26685.0325.019.5574.7520.4078.00