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Our patented CAD2 manufacturing technique allows Flexcon to properly size the diaphragm in a full range of sizes from 14 to 119 gallons. Every tank undergoes a seam-weld test, high pressure test and is subjected to our famous helium test. Before leaving the factory, a final air charge check ensures each tank arrives at the job site with the correct precharge. Flexcon stands behind every Online tank with a five-year warranty. Just what you would expect from Flexcon: quality and performance, guaranteed!

Materials of Construction

  • Tank: 16-gauge cold rolled steel
  • Finish: Appliance-quality paint for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Water chambers: Top chamber is 100% butyl rubber, lower water chamber is copolymer polypropylene
  • Connection: Stainless steel
  • Testing: High pressure, seam weld, helium, final precharge check
  • Air valve: Brass valve with O-ring seal
  • Warranty: Five year



Dimension Table

Model Volume (Gal.)Volume (Liter)Acceptance (Gal.)Acceptance (Liter)A (in.)A (cm.)B (in.)B (cm.)C (in.)C (cm.)D (in.)D (cm.)Weight (lbs)Weight (kg)
WR45.OLC14605.62422.055.916.040.61 NPT---28.012.7
WR60.OLC208083229.073.716.040.61 NPT---36.016.3
WR80.OLC2610010.44034.587.616.040.61 NPT---41.018.6
WR100.OLC3212012.84827.870.521.053.31.25 NPT---54.024.5
WR120.OLC 33.413013.365242.8108.616.040.61 NPT---49.022.2
WR140.OLC4417017.66836.392.12153.31.25 NPT---67.030.4
WR240.OLC8131032.412462.0157.521.053.31.25 NPT---99.044.9
WR260.OLC853253413044.5113. NPT---121.054.9
WR360.OLC 11945047.618059.75150.4926.066.01.25 NPT---153.069.5