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For over 30 years, our patented CAD-2 diaphragm technology has made Flexcon Industries the leader in pressure tank innovation in the Water Well, Plumbing & Heating and Water Treatment markets. Click the link below to learn more about why you should use Flexcon in your home.


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Flexcon Industries is committed to providing the highest quality water. We understand and take very seriously the importance of providing products that can be used on any of the nearly 16 million water wells in the United States to provide clean, healthy drinking water. Flexcon is committed to making the highest quality tank on the market, using the best materials available. We are a certified ISO 9001 company with NSF 61 and 372 certifications, tested by the Water Quality Association ensuring the tank in your home is as safe as possible.

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Technology & Innovation

Flow-Thru, Worlds Freshest Water

Flexcon’s Flow-Thru well tanks, equipped with our patented Flow-Thru technology, diverts system water into, and more importantly out of the tank while the pump is running. This constant flushing action assures that the water in the tank remains as fresh as possible, eliminating the possibility of stagnant water. Water the video to learn more.

Mixmaster Baffled Retention Tank

Flexcon’s Mixmaster Baffle Tank is the only composite, baffled retention tank on the market. It ensures uniform mixing and sufficient residence time to meet the contact time standard set by most health agencies in the United States and Canada. Watch the video to learn more.

How a Well Tank Works

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Capital Well Clean Water Center

“We have been installing Flexcon products for many years now, from Well-rite to Flex Lite, and Flow-Thru and RO tanks. Couldn't be happier with their products and support behind them. The app they offer for sizing is such an awesome tool to double check your work.”

Gregory Dragon - Dunbarton, NH

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“Been selling these tanks for many years. Reliable and long lasting. Best selection of tanks in the market!”

Darcy Lemieux - Alberta, Canada

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