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  • Thank you, BG Pump from of Ramona, CA!
  • Another great install by BG Pumps!
  • Flexcon Well Tank Manufacturing
  • Flexcon F1 Boston outing
    Well, not exactly. Our customers
    love to come up for a factory tour
    and then take a field trip to F/1 Boston.

    Chris Sima of Sima Well Drilling takes a
    corner doing 45 mph. Beats driving a
    service truck!
  • Flexcon Factory Tour
    Contractors from Maine see first hand
    our extruder making the shell of our
    composite tanks.


flexcon well tanks

We work with the best professionals to ensure you have the water system that will work best for your home. In case you're interested, here is how it all works.

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Here you will find technical information on many of our products. Please take the time to register on our site so you can access all of the features.   We'll be sending out promotions during the year.


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To get inside the heads of our customers,sometimes we go in through the bulkhead

We're Flexcon Industries.

We're one of the leading manufacturers of pre-pressurized diaphragm water tanks in the world. Our reputation is built on quality and innovative design, but it all begins with an understanding of the problems facing our customers.


And to do that, we spend a lot of time on the road—in homeowner's basements with plumbers, out at well sites with contractors, and in the warehouse with our distributors. The better we know the problems you face, the better equipped we are to come up with innovative and effective solutions. Our doors are always open to your visits. And our minds are open to your ideas. 


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I would like to extend a great thank you on behalf of Banner Water for your business and extreme generosity. It is great pleasure for us to work with such an established and successful business as Flexcon. Your high reputation and experience means a lot for us. I am sure that this partnership will lead to many great things and a long term business relationship.

We hope to meet your expectations and extend our cooperation for as long as possible. We appreciate your time for meeting us yesterday and the opportunity to tour your facility. It was pleasure to meet your colleagues as well. You must thank Tony for his time and effort to inform us of all the hard work and intricate details that go into every inch of your tanks. All of us here at Banner Water were very pleased with your presentation and the experience to see first hand how Flexcon works.  We are quite sure that the partnership of our two companies will lead our mutual business to acquire a lot of benefits from this collaboration. I want to thank you again and wish all the best. Thank you for the opportunity and your upmost generosity to all the staff here at Banner Water.