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flexcon well tanks

We work with the best professionals to ensure you have the water system that will work best for your home. In case you're interested, here is how it all works.

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flexcon tank installations

Here you will find technical information on many of our products. Please take the time to register on our site so you can access all of the features.   We'll be sending out promotions during the year.


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To get inside the heads of our customers,sometimes we go in through the bulkhead

We're Flexcon Industries.

We're one of the leading manufacturers of pre-pressurized diaphragm water tanks in the world. Our reputation is built on quality and innovative design, but it all begins with an understanding of the problems facing our customers.


And to do that, we spend a lot of time on the road—in homeowner's basements with plumbers, out at well sites with contractors, and in the warehouse with our distributors. The better we know the problems you face, the better equipped we are to come up with innovative and effective solutions. Our doors are always open to your visits. And our minds are open to your ideas. 


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“Hands down the best product line available for pressure tanks. Additionally, Flexcon Industries has the best customer service and support staff of any vendor I've ever dealt with...both internal employees and outside sales reps.”

Justin Beaudry
2M Company

“I've been selling Flexcon at 2M Company since 2012. Before that, I installed Flexcon tanks up in Oregon. Over the years, I can maybe recall one issue I had with a Flexcon tank - I was able to get it taken care of right away too. Their product and service is better than anything else on the market.”