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Flexcon Industries USA is a leading manufacturer of pre-pressurized diaphragm expansion tanks for water well, water pressure boosting, reverse-osmosis, heating, and thermal applications.  Our reputation is built on quality and innovative design, but it all begins with an understanding of the problems facing our customers

Founded in 1987, Flexcon Industries is an integral member of The Swan Group portfolio of businesses.  We employ a team-focused approach based on four core principles:  Integrity, Service, Quality and Innovation. We promote process innovation through sophisticated technologies. Our reputation and resources have enabled us to attract and retain an experienced, technically proficient, and highly incentivized team.

Our greatest asset is our employees, and we set out to hire and retain the best people. We pride ourselves on the investments we make in their future through training and career development. We also understand that to attract and retain top talent, its imperative to foster a culture that reflects the very best. Flexcon’s core values, integrity, innovation, quality, and service, are paramount to how we conduct business every single day.

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